The Quiet Girls

Do you dislike networking so fiercely that you would choose to let your business suffer rather than walk into a room full of people you don’t know??

Fortunately or unfortunately, networking and building relationships goes along with the territory when you’re on a mission and building an organization. So it’s important to overcome feeling intimidated and uncomfortable.

That’s why I created the “The Quiet Girls Quick Start Program”

This Quick Start Program is NOT about becoming more outgoing and bubbly. It’s NOT about changing who you are and pretending to be someone you’re not.

It IS focused on helping you use your natural strengths and tendencies to your advantage in networking situations.

By the end of this program, you will have learned how to…

  1. Become better at walking into a room full of strangers and starting conversations so you feel more comfortable and less intimidated in important networking situations.

  2. Feel more at ease moving toward small groups of two or three people and less fearful of interrupting so you can connect with more people and enjoy (yes, I said enjoy!) authentic conversations.

  3. Choose which networking events to attend so you don’t waste hundreds of dollars, your limited time and, maybe most importantly, your precious energy at functions that don’t meet your needs.

  4. Set specific goals for each networking event so you walk in prepared and confident and leave having accomplished something.

  5. Gracefully end a conversation so you don’t get stuck talking to “the weird guy” all night, hearing every gory detail about his long list of ailments.

  6. Follow up with contacts you make at an event so all your initial efforts pay off and aren’t wasted.

This program consists of two 45-minute phone calls (with a practical assignment between calls) and is designed to help professionals who want to grow their businesses and serve their clients and communities.

You'll invest $247 in this Quick Start Program, but the real value is much greater. Think about it. How much is ONE client worth to your business? Does it makes sense then for you to say "YES, let's do this!" and get help with this problem NOW?!

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Ready to show up at your next networking event feeling comfortable & confident?

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